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The 2019 UWC Application Period is now Open!

The Application period for 2019 entry will close on February 28, 2019.

All applicants interested in applying for the 2019 UWC Scholarships must check our Eligibility Criteria before proceeding. Ineligible candidates will not be considered.

How to Apply

Sign up to create your application account on the UWC Online Application platform.

Click here to apply online


Please download all the forms below, fill them out completely and correctly, and upload them onto your application account.

Extracurricular Activities Form

Life Outside School Form

Academic Recommendation Form (submit two academic recommendation forms)

Extracurricular Recommendation Form

Financial Assessment Form 

Parent/Guardian Consent Form


1st December - Application period opens
End of February – Application period closes
Mid March – Only successful candidates will be contacted and invited for interviews
End-March – Final candidates nominated for scholarships.
Mid-April – UWC Schools confirm/reject nominated students
Early May – Final students awarded UWC scholarships


Check out our Frequently Asked Questions