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Available Opportunities

This page will be updated on December 1, 2019


Scholarship Information

Full Scholarship

The scholarship will cover tuition, food and boarding fees, and most textbooks for the student during their time at the institution.


  1. Air tickets from Zambia to the country.
  2. Travel cost during long winter and summer breaks.
  3. Pocket money.
  4. Visa application.
  5. Medical insurance and medical examinations.
  6. Graduation fee (applicable only to certain countries).
  7. Room deposit (usually refundable, some colleges only).
  8. Miscellaneous other expenses.

Partial Scholarships and Fee-Paying Places

Partial scholarships are offered first on the quality of the candidate then on their ability to pay. Please note: being able to afford a full fee-paying place does not guarantee entry to UWC.


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